Ukkusiksalik National Park

Ukkusiksalik National Park

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Ukkusiksalik a national park area of ​​21 square km, located in the area of ​​low-lived Canadian territory called Nunavut. It is known for the diversity of natural ecosystems, numerous picturesque waterfalls and archaeological monuments. That is why Ukkusiksalik will be of interest not only to ecotourism supporters, but also to tourists interested in history and archeology. Until now, little is known about when the local natural landscape was formed. Until the 19th century, only the Inuit lived here, who passed their history from generation to generation. Judging by the stone relics discovered, the territory of Ukkusiksalika began to be developed by them thousands of years ago. The first European to set foot on local land was Christopher Middleton. It happened in 1742. In 1900, geologist Albert Peter Lowe was sent here, who was to establish the sovereignty of Canada in Ukcusixalik. Despite the rich history, this area remained Canada uninhabited. Now you can find only random tourists and Inuit, hunting in these lands. In August 2003, Ukkusiksalik became the 41st National Park of Canada.

The territory of this national park stretches in the northwestern part of Hudson Bay. North of Ukkusiksalika is the Arctic Circle and the town Repals Bay, and to the east the Ros-Welcom Strait. It stands on the Precambrian folded basement, therefore its territory is dotted with rivers and lakes. Previously, there were glaciers that were left at an altitude of 200 m above sea level, earth walls and sea clay. The main attraction of Ukkusiksalika is Wager Bay. It is a narrow salty bay with a length of 100 km, over which the rocks hang. During tides, the water level in the bay rises by 8 m.

Their strength is so great that they create raging reverse waterfalls. The reserve is located in the tundra zone, so for it the nature of low vegetation (willow, dwarf birch, wild rosemary, blueberries, boreal forests). From mammals in Ukkusiksalik live: In addition, nest sea, migratory and birds of prey geese, swans, golden eagles, peregrine falcons, bald eagles. There are 500 excavations in Ukkusiksalik Park in which they were found: All these findings indicate that the Inuit lived in these lands for 1000 years BC. Here you can also look at the ruins of the trading post of the British corporation “Hudson Bay”, which was located in Ukkusiksalik in 1925-1947. Ukkusiksalik is located on the territory of Nunavut canadian, so without a guide to find the road to it is quite difficult.

The first step is to get to Ikaluita, located 1000 km from Ukkusiksalik. Iqaluit Airport Canada is located here, where First Air Ltd airplanes are landing, flying from Ottawa, Montreal and Yellowknife. From Iqaluit, you need to go to one of the communities Rankin Inlet, Reppool Bay, Chesterfield-Inside, Baker Lake or Coral Harbor. In the period from July to August, local residents organize excursions to the national park. You can get to Ukkusiksalika by charter flight or by 7-hour boat ride.

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