Montreal Biodome

Montreal Biodome

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If you add a scientific center with an ecological zoo, you get the Montreal Biodome. Light arithmetic perfectly characterizes an amazing structure, striking not only with its external component, but also with its internal “stuffing”.

What is surprising about it? Everything is simple! There are 5 ecosystems, though in mini size: the sea zone, the South American tropical forest, the polar zone of Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as the North American mixed forest.

Having crossed the threshold of Biodome, you find yourself in lush tropical forests, on the Arctic ice of the coast of Antarctica, or in a maple grove.

From one zone to another you can go with the help of paths and motes, which are located near waterfalls, representatives of flora and fauna.

Get in a tropical rain? Easy – welcome to the tropical zone. Plus, in a short period of time, you can go from summer to winter, from spring to autumn.

Initially, the building was a velodrome, which was built for the Olympics (1976), but later it was decided to change its purpose. In 1992, the Montreal Museum of Nature was opened.

Most of all, children will like Biodome, which is not surprising. In what other place can you find 250 species of plants and about a thousand representatives of the fauna?


Planet Earth is beautiful as you say it, and many places are proof of this. One of these is Lake Moraine. There is a remarkable pond in Banff National Park.

In such natural places fall in love forever, dedicate poetry and music, capture on cameras and paint. To understand how beautiful it is, you need to see it with your own eyes.

All the beauty of Moraine is explained by only one origin – glacial. It is this spring that fills the lake with water. The color of the water is simply incomparable! Many shades of blue are ubiquitous, all thanks to the refraction of light at the bottom of the lake, which is covered by the smallest mountain powder.

The lake is surrounded by the legendary Ten Peaks – mountains, the slopes of which are covered with snow. The valley where the pond spilled is considered one of the most recognizable natural places in the country.

The area of ​​the lake reaches 500 m², and its height above sea level is equal to 1885 meters.

Discovered the lake in 1899, Walter Wilcox, he then called it Moraine. A little later, the traveler said that the thirty minutes he spent by the lake were the happiest of his life.

A common pastime of the lake is boating, which you can easily rent. The lucky ones will be able to see the whole beauty of the coast. In addition, there is the opportunity to go on a hike (on foot), where you can enjoy wonderful views of the landscape.

It’s always worth remembering your own safety, as many wild animals live in these parts, for example, a grizzly bear.

Employees of Banff National Park are trying by all possible means and available forces to preserve the pristine look of local nature. It is for this reason that tourists have the opportunity to find themselves in the ecosystem that the Indians once inhabited.

The unsurpassed beauty of endless forests, mountain slopes with snowy peaks and the purest mirror of the lake envelops from head to toe.

In addition to incredible natural paintings, dizzying air will be everywhere throughout the walk, which is filled with freshness, light frost and scent of pine needles.

Lake Moray – one of the most amazing places on Earth!

Maurice Black

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