Grasslands National Park

Grasslands National Park

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Grasslands National Park is located in southwestern Saskatchewan and is an amazing combination of endless fields and low hills. Despite the harsh climate (temperatures range from -7 F to 104 F), the park is home to a complex ecosystem. A suitable habitat allowed a large number of animals to feel comfortable, including bison, ferrets and endangered species of black-tailed prairie dogs. You should definitely climb to 70 Mile Butte the highest point in the area. This flat-toe cape rises 325 feet, revealing a magnificent view of the meadows surrounding it. Entertainment in the Grasslands National Park will appeal to everyone, because on its territory you can arrange both a family outing and organize canadian a hike for experienced tourists. In the park you will find Front Country Trails Canada these are either constructed paths or marked routes that are on the map and are easily accessible to visitors.

Tempted tourists will want to enjoy the natural landscape of the prairies without restrictions in the form of trails, marks or established canadian boundaries! But don’t forget to bring your GPS, map and compass. In one of the Visitor Centers Canada you should get a park guide, which consists of unmarked tourist routes with a brief description, topographic maps and illustrations. There are two Visitor Center in the reserve in the western part in Val Marie and in the eastern part of McGowan. In Val Marie, it is easy to explore the history canadian of this area with the help of visual displays, interactive slide shows and maps, view local geological discoveries (for example, arrowheads and stone parts of hammers), touch bison skins. The McGowan Visitor Center Canada is a converted ranch, whose staff will not only give instructions on the safety rules for staying in the park, but also provide you with the most useful information about the interesting things of Grasslands.

At night in the National Park will be just a crime not to enjoy the beauty of the starry sky, because it is one of the largest and dark reserves in Canada! For astronomers, this is a great opportunity to observe celestial objects. You can explore the beauty of the park during the day and on horseback. Horseback riding is a traditional canadian form of recreation that promotes complete fusion with rural nature. Long since and still on the ranch horses have been an integral part. They have been used here for centuries, first by aborigines for hunting and trade, and then by larger ranches, such as “76”, Turkey Track and T Bar Down. You can ride a horse on your horse or hire it. Saddling in Grasslands Canada is not only a horse, but also a bicycle. In the western part of the park, neither the original beauty of the Otter Basin route nor the greatness of the prairies along Ecotour Road will leave you indifferent.

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