Canadian Parks Visit Schedule

Canadian Parks Visit Schedule

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In North America, we love to skate, and we have been doing this for many years, so most of the cities, national parks and other sights of the USA have already been examined. Slowly paint over the remaining white spots and master the neighbors: Canada, Mexico and other Honduras. On this trip, some of the sights were visited for the second or third time, so to speak for the renewal of impressions. 
The American part of the trip may later be placed in the appropriate branch, if there is interest. In Canada, we spent a week, mostly in Alberta. 
Oh yeah, flood. During the American part of our vacation, record rainfall fell on Alberta. The Internet was filled with photos of the flooded Calgary. And we have already booked the hotel. Well still booked not in the downtown, but somewhere in 5 kilometers from it. It seems on the news that the area on the hills and evacuation avoided. But a couple of calls to the hotel nevertheless remained unanswered. And it is too late to cancel the reservation. Well, what to do, let’s hope for the eternal Canada chance. 

After the border, turn off the network on the phone so as not to go broke on roaming. Wi Fi and Skype are all for the next few days. Switch the GPS to kilometers. The weather continues to not please, drizzle light rain. Finally we decide not to call in Waterton Lakes. As otupuplenie: the day before we just unreal like nat. Park Glaser Canada. They didn’t expect anything special from him, they allotted half a day, but the park just shook. Reminds Yosemite, only 5 times grander. On the wow factor immediately hit the top ten, if not the top five of the 80+ nats we have seen. parks and monuments. Therefore, they definitely decided to return there for three days, and at the same time dedicate the day to the Canadian part of this park Waterton Lakes. And this time pass by. 

First stop: Cardston. Quiet cozy city, immediately at the entrance a tourist bureau and a carriage museum. Scored cards and travel brochures. You didn’t spend time on the museum, you can watch the carriage and the house. Half an hour later Fort MacLeod. The fort itself is a remake, a little walk outside, but inside did not see anything interesting: 
Having inspected the order of hundreds of objects of UNESCO at this moment, I never cease to be surprised at the criteria for their selection. That is, I fully understand how Venice, Grand Canyon or Tequila are included in this list. But I cannot explain the availability of the status of world heritage at this monument except the riot of political correctness. Moreover, if the beautiful Dresden was deprived of this status after it was built in the historic site of the bridge, then this object was completely dug up in 1987, and a brand new five-story museum was thrown at the site of the monument. 

At the same time, I don’t say that the museum is bad or not worth the time spent. The place is quite interesting: a live illustration to the textbook of the History of the Ancient World. Everyone will surely remember the picture from this textbook: brutal Neanderthals, pulled into their skins, drive mammoths to the edge of the cliff. Mammoths resist, but the pricks of stone tips do not leave them any choice but to sighed into the abyss. And there they are already waiting for no less brutal Neanderthals with knives and meat grinders. So, the advanced Canadian Indians used this very precipice for a similar hunt for the last six thousand years, right up to the end of the XIX century. With the mammoths, by the 19th century, it was already strained, but there were still plenty of buffalo. Deposits of buffalo bones go as far as 12 meters deep. I repeat, the cliff and the museum are quite interesting, especially for children. Completely on par with other provincial Canadian museums.

Maurice Black

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